Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pivot Concierge Health?

Pivot, a Concierge Health concept, is a one-stop shop for wellness that blends preventive care and your traditional reactive care with attention to all other wellness areas including nutrition & fitness, sleep, hormonal balance, and much more, all under one roof.

We call it “integrative WellCare.”

Our services focus on ongoing prevention, wellness, and performance optimization and they enable you to track your health progress (or deterioration) a lot more in depth than your traditional annual physical.

What is Concierge Healthcare/Medicine?

Concierge healthcare/medicine is a private form of practice where doctors charge patients an out-of-pocket retainer fee for full access to that doctor’s time and services.

Patients still need their own catastrophic and pharmacological insurance, but for a monthly fee they have unfettered access to their physician. On the other side, our physicians have less patients than traditional primary care doctors, so they have much more time to spend with you.

At Pivot, like the concierge at a five-star hotel, our doctors provide a Ritz-Carlton-esque wellness experience and design your care to be as personalized, convenient, and rewarding as possible.

What makes Pivot unique or different from other clinics?

Pivot is the first luxury experience clinic in the concierge health space that offers our integrative care and all the treatments that we offer under roof, while also accepting insurance.

We help you take your health to the next level by taking a holistic approach that includes:

  • First, we run a series of exams to focus on your current state of health and get you to “well”.

  • Second, we use those exam results to focus on early prevention and preventive care.

  • Lastly, you set your wellness goals and we create a personalized plan to get you to where you want to be, with the in-house treatments we offer and a customized at-home care plan.

How can Pivot really make a difference in my health?

At Pivot, our healthcare professionals help each patient reach their goals, whether it’s weight management, improved fitness, better sleep, or better performance in various aspects of life. We leverage a wide array of expertise, resources and technologies.


Our services cover primary care evaluations, physicals, treatments for acute and chronic conditions, and hospital admissions management. But there’s much more, including state-of-the-art diagnostics, laboratory services, nutrition counseling, pain management, alternative treatments like hyperbaric oxygen therapy and infrared sauna therapy, and aesthetic procedures.

All in one location.

At Pivot, we don’t just care for you when you’re ill. We help you envision and achieve a higher level of health, well-being and performance.

Does Pivot take insurance or is everything out of pocket?

The short answer is yes, we take private and government insurance (Medicare soon), as reimbursement for covered services. In addition, you pay a membership fee that covers our concierge services.

Please refer to our membership levels for pricing.

What should I expect on my first few visits?

On the first visit, you’ll meet your primary doctor, who will discuss your health and wellness status, goals, issues and concerns. We follow a proven methodology for patient orientation. You’ll undergo a comprehensive physical exam.  The doctor may order a series of tests.

On the second visit, the doctor will review the results of the physical and tests, and present a personalized plan based on your stated goals.

This care seems quite idealistic, who is your target audience?

We realize that this care and these services are not for everyone. Our experience has shown that people who understand the value of investing time in their health, and are willing to devote their effort to improvement, are the ones who get the greatest returns from Pivot. Our typical patients are goal oriented and interested in improving multiple aspects of their wellness with backgrounds similar to entrepreneurs, high-level executives, professional athletes, and more.

For those patients, our biggest value to them is time. Both on a continuous healthcare appointment basis and, more importantly, in the long run.

At Pivot, we take care of all your primary care needs under one roof. Everything that a primary care physician would typically refer you out to, we are able to keep in-house, if we can’t we are able to immediately set you up for and appointment with a vetted preferred provider. So when you come to Pivot for your routine checkup, you know that you are going to be maximizing your time and getting everything you need done expeditiously, rather than dealing with referrals, multiple appointments, and multiple office visits in different locations.

Through our care the benefit to patients will be measure not in years, but in decades of meaningful life.

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