Pivot is a membership-based concierge health clinic that offers the best treatments and services in the market with the most high-end technology provided by passionate medical experts. Creating a community of health-conscious members is our focus to help ensure that we deliver fully personalized care with 5-star hospitality experiences they deserve.


As a member, you will have access to 24/7 virtual clinical care, in-office same day appointments, our exclusive referral network of specialists, in-house diagnostics and quick prescription refills. Most individual services and treatments are covered through many insurance plans or may be paid out-of-pocket at the most competitive rates in the market.

Membership Options


Annual Wellness Examination

Free Acute Visits

Free Virtual Care

$100 off Wellness Services

Nutrition & Fitness Conusult 

And more...

*60% Spouse Discount



All Platinum Benefits


64-pt Executive Physical

Monthly Health Monitoring

Unlimited Wellness Services 

And much more...



Please contact us for information on our Corporate Membership plans for your employees. Their health and your bottom line is our priority.

Custom plan

I realize that having a great relationship with my concierge doctor is critically important for a number of reasons. He is my medical partner. My clinic offers everything I need in one spot, saving me time, hassle, and helping me stay proactive about actually getting the services I need. They are thorough about checking everything: even places I might not think need to be checked. When you don't have a quarterback like that, your risk of running into a wall is a lot higher.

- Pivot Executive Member