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How To Stay Fit In The Gym-less Era

There are endless ways to add to your at-home fitness and workout regimen during quarantine

It’s time to get creative about working out. Sure, your regular gym, pool or club is closed until further notice, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to retreat to the couch.

For one thing, exercise—especially outdoor activity—can boost your mood and dispel some of the anxiety around COVID-19. For another, it can strengthen your immune system. And a workout can help you maintain fitness and avoid weight gain (the notorious Quarantine 15).

Ideally, you can combine aerobic exercise with weight training for a balanced workout. But you may need to improvise.

Take Inventory

Maybe you have some home exercise equipment like a jump rope or hand weights. But even if you don’t, you may be able to use everyday items as replacements.

For instance, water jugs can fill in for dumbbells or kettlebells. A couple of beach towels can be used in place of a yoga mat. Walking up and down stairs or stretching in a doorway are other possibilities. One Frenchman ran a marathon on his 23-foot-long balcony.

Go Online

There are a host of resources available online, including on-demand fitness streaming platforms like Plankk and Fiit, as detailed in Forbes. Most of these are fee based, but ClassPass is free. If you want other freebies, you can choose from dozens of yoga sessions and workouts for different age groups, from kids to seniors.

Fitness-tech company Peloton is offering a free 90-day trial subscription to its home workout app—no stationary bike needed. Well-known trainers are offering free workouts via Instagram and YouTube.

Get Outdoors

Walking, biking, jogging and running—with social distancing—can supply the aerobic portion of your new exercise routine. You can also find nearby stairs to climb or natural fitness course. Be sure to do these activities by yourself or with someone from your household—not your regular buddy.

Plan for the Future

When life gets back to normal, you may want to use a concierge medicine practice for guidance on ongoing exercise, weight management and dietary regimens. For example, Pivot Concierge Health in Omaha, Nebraska, offers personalized nutrition counseling and diet and exercise advice. Care is managed by primary physicians in a spa-like environment with exceptional, personalized service.

Memberships start at just $99 per month.

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