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The Executive Physical: Not Just for Executives Any More

One of the traditional perks of being a corporate honcho is the “executive physical,” an all-day (or even multi-day) process supervised by an internal medicine physician. Besides a physical exam and medical history, it typically includes diagnostic tests, imaging such as X-rays and mammography, vision and hearing tests, consultations with specialists, fitness and nutrition evaluations, a medication review, wellness counseling and more.

By diving into many different aspects of your current physical condition, an executive physical can generate data and insights to guide prevention, treatment and wellness.

But why should these comprehensive physicals be reserved for a select few? The good news is that they are not.

The fact is, any adult can benefit from an advanced physical that goes well beyond the brief, cursory annual check-up most people receive.

These benefits include:

  • Convenience: Receive a battery of exams and consultations in a single day instead of having to make individual appointments. This efficient process makes it easier to complete all of your annual recommended tests and screenings, a major factor in prevention.

  • Advanced testing: Undergo sophisticated tests that can identify health risks and conditions such as heart disease, prostate cancer, osteoporosis and breast cancer. Early detection is key to improving outcomes.

  • Lifestyle assessment: Understand how to manage multiple lifestyle factors. In a conventional medical practice, busy physicians may not have time to discuss important—but non-acute—issues such as sleep hygiene, nutrition, fitness, stress, and alcohol and tobacco use during a standard annual physical. An executive physical can provide valuable advice on these and other health and wellness topics.

  • Holistic health map: Get a map of your overall health status the pulls together all the exam results and clinical recommendations so you can see the big picture. You’ll also get a personalized plan you can follow to optimize your health, fitness, vitality and performance.

As more people recognize the exceptional value and efficiency of an executive physical, leading providers such as Mayo Clinic are seeing an increase in utilization.

Cost concerns

One major barrier to expanded use of executive physicals is their cost, which can run as high as $5,000, and is usually not covered by insurance. While corporations often pay for their senior leaders to undergo these physicals, people who are not entitled to this company benefit can use other strategies.

One approach is to become a member of a concierge medical practice.

Concierge medicine is an evolving model for primary care. Patients pay an out-of-pocket fee to obtain personalized care and expanded access to their primary care doctors. Many concierge medicine practices include executive physicals with membership.

Paying a membership fee every month makes it much easier to budget for an executive physical than shelling out thousands of dollars in one lump. Further, the fee covers other services, including more time and attention from your doctor, thereby increasing its overall value.

Investing in your health

Like anything else in life, you get back what you put into health and wellness. One investment worth considering is an executive physical.

While they originated to help companies protect their top talent (and the revenues these people generate), executive physicals can help any adult by:

  • Uncovering hidden health risks

  • Recommending preventive steps to avoid problems down the road

  • Correcting poor lifestyle practices and reinforcing good ones

  • Dispelling medical myths

  • Providing peace of mind and reassurance

Pivot Concierge Health in Omaha, Nebraska, includes an annual executive physical with more than 60 tests and consultations as part of its executive membership plan. For more information, visit https://www.pivothealthcenter.com/membership.

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