"Here you have an opportunity to have good coaches, here you have a technology that will take you in another direction!" - Heisman Trophy Winner Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers

I came in because my back was sore.  I couldn't feel anything when I was laying down, but after the therapy I don't feel anything, and I'm not sore anymore.  I feel great. I spent 30 minutes on the mat, I was just chilling, relaxing, and watching Netflix.  The lights were off and I felt very relaxed like I was at home. I definitely plan on doing it again, and will tell all my friends and family about it.

- Macie, PEMF Treatment

"I use it because PSA levels were going high, there was worry of possible cancer, so I started doing what i could do. I read a lot of stories on the internet and other research papers talking about how compressing the body where it opens up all the veins and capillaries could have positive benefit with it.  What I've noticed is recovery after exercise is much quicker, and I can now sleep without medications which is huge for me!"

- Bret, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

"The Lymphatic therapy was GOOD! It was very relaxing, I feel not as tight, I feel my blood flowing. I climbed in the pants, they zipped it up, and started the machine, I just laid here and it massaged my legs and back. Want to do it again!"

- Kaitlyn, Lymphatic Drain Massage

"I like the way it helped me relax, it's a great time to meditate, and it makes the muscles and joints in your body not feel so tense.  I think it would do wonders for my skin!"

- Charisse, Infrared Sauna

"Once I got comfortable, it was quite relaxing, and I'm very thankful for treatments like this, so THANK YOU. I plan on doing it again. Absolutely would recommend to those I know."

- Miguel, PEMF Treatment